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15 books found for in the 0+ age range beginning with "C".

  • Cake Girl
    David Lucas

    A recluse witch's life is changed when she bakes a Cake Girl, who teaches her how to make friends and have fun.

  • Can Anybody Hear Me?
    Jessica Meserve

    Paperback edition of this warm, reassuring story about growing in confidence and learning how to make yourself heard, from the creator of Small.

  • Can I Come Too?
    Brian Patten & Nicola Bayley

    Follow a small mouse's biggest adventure in this gentle, cumulative tale from a world renowned author and artist team.

  • Can I Keep it?
    Tony Ross

    The Little Princess is back and this time she can be seen on TV too; as feisty and stubborn as always!

  • Captain Small Pig
    Martin Waddell

    Paperback edition of this charming story from the author of Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? with evocative illustrations from the illustrator of Badger's Parting Gifts.

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