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12 books found for in the 0+ age range beginning with "H".

  • Halibut Jackson
    David Lucas

    David Lucas' highly praised debut title

  • Help Me!
    Paul Geraghty

    Based on real events, this equisite and inspirational picture book from the award-winning illustrator, Paul Geraghty, gives a wonderful insight into animal behaviour.

  • The Heron and the Crane
    John Yeoman

    A hilarious love story and parable of misguided pride rolled into one.

  • The Hill and the Rock
    David McKee

    Being content with your lot is the theme of this wonderfully quirky picture book from the creator of NOT NOW, BERNARD.

  • Hippospotamus
    Jeanne Willis

    Ridiculously hilarious Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross have created yet another cheeky gem. Shortlisted for the Red House Children's Book Award