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Temporary Permissions

Permissions Policy for Online Book Readings

Our 2020 temporary guidelines and permissions policy for online book readings has now ended.

During these challenging times, Andersen Press wishes to support schools, public libraries and bookshops, and encourage reading and the sharing of stories. Andersen Press has uploaded a range of new video content and resources for teachers/librarians/educators/booksellers to use. They are available to download here.

Guidelines for how these assets should be used:

  • These resources are for teachers/librarians/educators/booksellers to support schools, public libraries and bookshops during the Covid-19 crisis
  • They can share this content on their social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • The resources can also be shared with classes remotely via closed educational platforms or providing a link via email
  • Only upload to a YouTube channel if the link is designated as ‘Unlisted’ not ‘Public’ (in order to share the link with pupils for example)
  • Please include an appropriate credit by mentioning the book title and author’s/illustrator’s names or social handles
  • Usage by other individuals is not permitted, but we would encourage you to access the resources in the ‘Free Stuff’ section of our website
  • All of the above applies until end of June 2021

If you have a permission request relating to a commercial product, service or broadcast you should contact our Rights team, details here: