ISBN-13: 9781849391207

RRP: £6.99

Published: 2nd June 2011

Length: 368 Pages

  • Paperback

Operation Black Cobra

Luke Baron has agreed to buy a fake driving licence from a girl he's just met online. But when he realises he's made a big mistake and tries to back out, he discovers that Gemma Dolan is in serious trouble with her criminal dad. Trying to protect her, he gets caught up in a terrifying plot to attack an armed nuclear convoy. Who's behind it and what do they want? Luke is starting to like Gemma, but should he trust her? And can he stop the catastrophe that threatens to engulf London, the UK and the world?


"Hooray - I have just read a thriller with a really well constructed plot AND wonderfully drawn, convincing characters!"
Armadillo Magazine

"This novel is compulsive, quick reading and will definitely give thrill-seeking teen readers value for their money."
Books for Keeps

"A brilliant book."
Teen Titles (Tom Chaney, Trinity Academy)