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Tom Easton
Tom Easton

Tom Easton is an experienced author of fiction for all ages and has had more than a dozen books published. HAV3N was his first book for teens under his own name. Tom lives in Surrey with his wife and three children and in his spare time works as a Production Manager for Hachette Children's Books. You can follow Tom on Twitter @tomeaston

Seven Second Delay

(Paperback) - 01/05/2014


Seven Second Delay RRP £6.99


Mila has 7 seconds. 7 seconds to fight. 7 seconds to escape.
Seeking a new life on the futuristic Isles, Mila’s time runs out – she’s captured by Agents, who implant her with a phone that broadcasts her every move. Now she’s on the run, hounded by an elite fighting force which is convinced she poses a dangerous threat to society. Her only advantage: a seven second delay.
It’s a race against time.

  • Paperback
  • Published: 01/05/2014
  • ISBN: 9781783440344
  • Other Editions: eBook
  • Age Range: 12+ years