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Kyo Maclear
Kyo Maclear

Kyo Maclear is a self-professed spork – her father is British and her mother is Japanese. She was born in England, but moved to Canada at a young age. Kyo lives in Toronto with her two sons, two cats, a musican and a truckload of books.


Júlia Sardà
Júlia Sardà

Júlia Sardà is an illustrator from Barcelona. After her studies, Júlia started working as colorist in a studio which made the editorial merchandising for Disney/Pixar and then moved on to freelancing two years later. Now focusing on children’s illustration, Júlia has had the chance to illustrate some incredible debut fiction and everlasting classics. The Liszts is Júlia's debut picture book.

The Liszts

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Mama Liszt, Papa Liszt, Winifred, Edward, Frederick and Grandpa Liszt make lists all day long. So does their cat. Then one day a visitor arrives. He's not on anyone's list. Will the Liszts be able to make room on their lists for this new visitor? What will they do when something unexpected happens?
Kyo Maclear's quirky, whimsical story is perfectly brought to life with the witty, stunning illustrations of debut picture book artist Julia Sarda. Discover this humorous, poignant and unforgettable celebration of spontaneity.

  • Paperback
  • Published:
  • ISBN: 9781783445714
  • Other Editions: Hardback
  • Age Range: 5+ years