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20 books found for in the 0+ age range beginning with "C".

  • Cake Girl
    David Lucas

    "Lucas (Halibut Jackson) writes and paints with quiet affection for his characters. Watching Cake Girl teach the witch new social skills is a treat." Publishers' Weekly

  • Can Anybody Hear Me?
    Jessica Meserve

    "Jessica Meserve made her mark with Small, and this too is reassuring for all those who need to find their own voice. Her warm, expressive and funny illustrations hold a lot of child appeal." Children's Bookseller

  • Can I Come Too?
    Brian Patten

    "Sheer delight!" Amanda Craig The Times

  • Can I Keep it?
    Tony Ross

  • Captain Small Pig
    Martin Waddell

    "Summery drawings...expressing emotions succinctly." The Sunday Times

  • Cat and Dog
    Michael Foreman

    "Beautiful watercolours and a gentle story of new beginnings" The Bookseller

  • Cat on the Hill
    Michael Foreman

    "The magnificent illustrations pulsate with life." Carousel

  • Caterpillar Dreams
    Jeanne Willis

    "A dream team of writer and illustrator!" The Times

  • Centipede's 100 Shoes
    Tony Ross

    "Perfect for numeracy hour." Five to Seven Magazine

  • Charlotte's Piggy Bank
    David McKee

    "A refreshing read!" Observer