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5 books found for in the 7+ age range beginning with "L".

  • The Little Book of Christmas Jokes
    Nigel Baines

    "Lovers of terrible Christmas cracker jokes, get your hands on The Little Book of Christmas Jokes" Claire Hennessy Irish Times

  • The Little Book of Football Jokes
    Joe King

    "Perfect rib-tickler of a mini book to keep the jokes flowing as fast as the passes" WRD Magazine

  • The Little Book of Spooky Jokes
    Joe King

    "Will appeal to kids who love to catch you out with jokes you’ve heard before and others you haven’t" Independent, 50 Best Winter Reads

  • The Little Ghost
    Otfried Preussler

    "Perfectly pitched for newly independent readers" Books for Keeps

  • The Lying Carpet
    David Lucas

    "Truly beautiful picture book. Whimsical and charming story full of creative twists and light humour."

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