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4 books found for in the 9+ age range beginning with "A".

  • Amethyst
    Rebecca Lisle

    "One of our favourites, the cover is just beautiful and the story is an absolute pleasure to read." Betty Bookmark

  • An Angel For May
    Melvin Burgess

    "Known for his gritty Young Adult realism, Burgess's subject matter can be challenging, but in writing for a younger audience the darker side has been tempered with insight, positivity and hope." Teaching Reading & Writing, featured in 10 Books with Hidden Depths

  • Anton and Piranha
    Milena Baisch

    "An outstanding book" The Bookbag

  • The Apothecary
    Maile Meloy

    "If you read anything this summer, this book should be the one." Daily Telegraph

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