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David McKee, through Elmer, subtly indicates that it's okay to be different and Elmer books have been described as 'a tonic to read' - Child Education, and 'a treat not to be missed.' - WHS Showcase.

Elmer the patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since the first book was published in 1989. Now a modern classic, Elmer is known to millions. 

He's a cheeky character with many friends - his cousin Wilbur who loves playing practical jokes, his grandpa Eldo and most recently, Rose, a blushing pink elephant.

Elmer's adventures are available in printed formats as well as on a variety of digital platforms such as Me Books, the Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Signed Stories (audio-visual for the deaf). There are four Elmer Apps available on the Apple App Store too, made by OceanHouse Media (see downloads below).

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Here is a list of books in the "Elmer" series.


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