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  • The Stone Bird
    The Stone Bird

    When Eliza finds something special on the beach, her mum says it's a stone, but Eliza knows this isn't a stone. It's an egg.

  • Jumanji

    Special edition released to celebrate the new Jumanji movie coming out in summer of 2017.

  • The Bad Mood and the Stick
    The Bad Mood and the Stick

    From the New York Times bestselling author Lemony Snicket comes a witty, deadpan tale of the mysterious and unexpected ways that bad moods move through the world.

  • All the Year Round
    All the Year Round

    Legendary Quentin Blake invites you to dive into the year with twelve wonderfully illustrated seasonal rhymes that will have you chuckling all the year round!

  • Boy2Girl

    A funny and realistic portrayal of family and school dynamics, and the divisiveness of gender stereotyping.

  • The Little Book of Spooky Jokes
    The Little Book of Spooky Jokes

    Trick or treat! This little book of freaky funnies will have kids screaming with laughter!

  • Lulu and the Flying Babies
    Lulu and the Flying Babies

    Lulu doesn't want to be stuck in the museum, she wants to play in the snow, so she escapes on a magical adventure with the flying babies

  • Troll Stinks!
    Troll Stinks!

    Billy Goat discovers the perils of sending mean messages in this timely tale about online bullying

Coming Soon

  • The Weaver
    The Weaver

    Sometimes, a very small someone can make a big difference in the world. Discover an incredible debut.

  • I'm Big Now
    I'm Big Now

    It's tough when you're not the baby of the family any more! A toddler tale for every new big brother or sister from Booktrust Early Years Award-winning author-artist team.

  • Sir Ned and the Nasties
    Sir Ned and the Nasties

    What terrible sounds from deep in the wood - it's the notorious Nasties, up to no good!

  • The Girl Who Saw Lions
    The Girl Who Saw Lions

    Abela has lost everything in her home country of Tanzania, and is fleeing to Britain. Can she find a new adoptive family? A powerful story about the human cost of the migrant crisis.

  • The Serpent King
    The Serpent King

    Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. A darkly passionate novel set in a small town in Tennessee. Three friends face poverty and prejudice in their senior year of high school: but what comes next?


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