ISBN-13: 9781839132414

RRP: £7.99

Published: 3rd October 2024

Length: 256 Pages


When Birdie is sent to live with her great-aunt in 1950s Yorkshire, she befriends the village's last remaining pit pony. A story of hope and courage, exploring themes of family, racism and identity.

‘Captivating’ A. F. Steadman
‘A tender and touching story for animal lovers everywhere’ Hannah Gold

Birdie Bagshaw has never known her parents. Having grown up in a children's home for mixed race children in 1950s Leeds, now she has come to live with her great-aunt Mabel in the Yorkshire Dales. From her arrival, things are strained, and Birdie cannot understand why she is treated like an outsider by the local children. When their bullying drives Birdie to hide in the nearby coal mine, she finds an unexpected rescuer in the form of Mr Duke, the last remaining pit pony in the village.
As the weeks pass, Birdie forms a special bond with the spirited little pony. But his future is in danger, and Birdie comes up with a daring plan to save his life in return . . .

Cover art by Keith Robinson


"A tender and touching story for animal lovers everywhere"
Hannah Gold

"A captivating story of the profound and powerful magic of animals – and how they can help us find our way in the world. I loved it"
A. F. Steadman

"A future classic. A powerful novel about love, identity and finding your power in a world where everyone is against you... powerfully resonant today. A real triumph"
Book of the Month, the Bookseller

"This book doesn't just break your heart, it smashes it to smithereens, before delivering the most heart-warming ending I've ever read. I was glowing as I turned the final page"
Nathanael Lessore

"This is a story about family you didn't choose, about a journey filled with hope and animals that never judge"
Kereen Getten