ISBN-13: 9781849393287

RRP: £6.99

Published: 2nd February 2012

Length: 288 Pages

  • Paperback

Will Gallows and the Thunder Dragon's Roar

The West Rock is crumbling. Land is fast becoming more precious than gold.

Sky cowboy, Will Gallows, having fled his home, is soon caught up in a bitter land feud between the cowboy settlers of the eastern arm and the elf 'braves' of Gung-Choux village. With battle looming, Will sets out to save his uncle from the hangman's noose. A quest that leads him to the rock's edge, where deadly thunder-dragons roam, and where he stumbles on a treacherous plot to drive the elf tribes off the eastern arm forever.


"These books have both proven satisfying in the compelling shading over of old-fashioned wild west cliches in bright fantasy colours- and this one is better at it than the first."
The Bookbag

"A welcome return for Will Gallows . . . Action packed, this is an inventive story with a host of larger-than-life characters."

"Madcap adventure . . . if Eoin Colfer can make fairies cool for boys, then the elf braves of The Thunder Dragon’s Roar should face no credibility problems."

"A wonderfully imagined story . . . fast-paced and very descriptive, helping the reader to stay engaged throughout."
The School Librarian

"Plenty of drama and action . . . Readers looking for something that brings a new dimension to the traditional fantasy quest are likely to enjoy this, and get caught up in the adventure."

"Keilty’s characters really leap off the page . . . A funny, rip-roaring read."
Children's Books Ireland, Recommended Reads