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Alex Latimer
Alex Latimer

Alex Latimer is a South African writer and illustrator living in Cape Town. He has a degree in English and Philosophy and has written and illustrated for many major brands across the globe. Alex’s picture books are quirky and fun and full of humour that appeals to both children and adults. Alex was won the Hampshire Picture Book Award, the CELI Read Aloud Book Award and has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. When he’s not writing or drawing, Alex enjoys hiking the local mountains, swimming in the bay and the odd game of table tennis.

The Duck Never Blinks

(Paperback) - 04/07/2024


The Duck Never Blinks RRP £7.99


You see that duck over there? You could watch it all day and it wouldn’t blink.
Nothing works – not shouting, not jokes, or even sad stories. Maybe you have some other ideas? Just don’t take your eyes off the duck, and don’t, even for a second, think about blinking!

From award-winning author and illustrator Alex Latimer comes this sharply witty picture book that will have every child trying to outwit this devilish duck... if they can stop giggling, that is!

  • Paperback
  • Published: 04/07/2024
  • ISBN: 9781839132476
  • Other Editions: Hardback
  • Age Range: 0+ years