ISBN-13: 9781839135033

RRP: £7.99

Published: 5th September 2024

Length: 72 Pages

Somehow, Somehow

During lockdown Nyanda was at university. She chose to stay in her student accommodation rather than going home to her family. She spent 79 days alone, with deteriorating mental health, trying to study for her degree.

This visceral, astonishing collection from one of the country's most exciting emerging performance poets explores this unprecedented moment in global history - from a personal and fascinating point of view.


"An essential poetic reflection on a difficult time that touched us all. Foday has given a searing poetic voice to the complexities and fallout of the pandemic"
Joseph Coelho

"The rawness and the bravery of truth in this brilliant collection of performance poetry by Nyanda Foday, creates a powerfully challenging visceral experience. The intimacy of her words and insight into her experience are both painful and beautiful with each beat wrapped in freshness and honesty"
J P Rose