ISBN-13: 9781839134821

RRP: £8.99

Published: 23rd January 2025

Length: 304 Pages

  • Paperback

The Boy I Love

At just nineteen, Stephen has already survived a year at the front. Now he is returning to the trenches to lead a platoon, despite his wounds. Broken-hearted from the loss of his first love, Stephen wonders what he's fighting for. Then he meets Private Danny McCormick, a smart, talented young recruit whose strong opinions will surely get him into trouble. From their first meeting, there's something undeniable between them – something forbidden by both society and the army. Determined to protect Danny, Stephen must face down the prejudices and ignorance of his superiors as well as the onslaught of German shells and sniper fire.
As the summer of 1916 ticks down to one big push on the Somme, can Stephen and Danny stay together – and will their love save them – or condemn them?

Cover art by Dri Gomez


"It’s a tale from the past, with a message for today. A stunningly poignant, devastating, and ultimately beautiful tour-de-force"
Simon James Green

"Magnificent. It takes a special writer to simultaneously capture both the horrors of war and the joys of true love, but William Hussey manages it effortlessly. My new favourite YA love story"
Phil Earle

"Deft, tender and unflinching, The Boy I Love is a terrific achievement that grips like a thriller throughout. A love story, a war story, a story of sacrifice and redemption, it shows how the best of humanity can endure even in the darkest times. Breathtakingly good"
Jonathan Stroud