ISBN-13: 9781839132704

RRP: £7.99

Published: 3rd October 2024

Length: 40 Pages

Salat in Secret

Find the bravery to celebrate your beliefs and cultural traditions without fear of judgement.
When Muhammad turns seven, his father gifts him his very first salat rug to pray with. Muhammad is excited to begin his salat journey, but is more comfortable silently praying in secret, afraid of the judgement he sees his dad receive when he prays in public. Can Muhammad learn to be brave and embrace his salat practice instead of hiding it from the world?

“A beautiful, positive, and welcome portrayal of Black Muslim families... An empowering and important tale of bravery.” Kirkus

“SALAT IN SECRET is the best book I’ve read this year… simply marvelling. SUPERB. CLASSIC. HISTORIC.” – S.K. Ali, NY Times bestselling author of The Proudest Blue


"This beautiful, understated picture book perfectly conveys how it feels to be afraid of outside censure"

"[a] sincerely wrought celebration of family and faith"
Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Thoughtful text and joyful illustrations make this an engaging and touching read. It will help to ease the anxieties of young children who may be in a similar situation and should encourage others to develop empathy and understanding"

"An empowering story of faith and bravery"

"A beautiful, positive, and welcome portrayal of Black Muslim families"
Kirkus, starred review