ISBN-13: 9781839130014

RRP: £6.99

Published: 2nd April 2020

Length: 32 Pages

Misery Moo

There was once a cow who was always miserable, and a lamb who tried to cheer her up. But the cow was impossible to cheer up! Even Father Christmas was too jolly for her. The poor lamb burst into tears himself, and wallowed in misery. Finally the cow started to miss him, and gave him the best birthday present ever - a great big grin!


"A real favourite"
Child Education

"Will have children and adults in stitches despite featuring the most gloomy literary character since Eeyore."

"A brilliant bovine explosion of joy"
Glasgow Herald

"Lots of gorgeous pictures . . . a lovely story for all ages and abilities."
Primary Times

"One of the best picture books I've come across recently"
Aberdeen Evening Express