ISBN-13: 9781839132124

RRP: £7.99

Published: 6th January 2022

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

How to be a Real Ballerina

From Davina Bell and Waterstones Award-winning illustrator of The Girls, Jenny Løvlie, comes a beautifully diverse and inclusive picture book perfect for any aspiring dancer.
There is a lot to learn about being a ballerina. It is hard work and can seem silly at times. If you fall over, don’t panic. You don't have to be perfect! But when you walk out on the stage, it will feel like magic and fireworks and Christmas-tree lights in your tummy, and you'll know that no matter what, you're a real ballerina.
Also by Davina Bell and Jenny Løvlie, I Love Tractors! : the story of one little boy's obsession with all things tractor.


"A sweet, funny ode to the joy of dancing, with art from Waterstones Prize-winner Lovlie, and a joyful, diverse cast of young dancers"
The Bookseller

"A charming introduction to the joy of ballet dancing, starring a very charismatic little ballerina"

"The relatable protagonist is cheeky and likable, displaying an authentic mix of impatience, joy and enthusiasm, typical of a young child. Colourful illustrations are full of humour and will help children to understand the subtext of adult exasperation caused by the girl’s amusing antics. This light-hearted, inclusive tale features a diverse cast of characters and will delight aspiring dancers, especially those who don’t quite conform"