ISBN-13: 9781842707142

RRP: £6.99

Published: 6th March 2008

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

Eliza and the Moonchild

A small moonchild tires of his white, white moon surroundings and whizzes down to earth only to find it a shadow-dark place without colour. He meets Eliza, who reassures him that the morning will bring colour, and together they watch the sun rise while the little girl paints all they see. The moonchild returns home with their picture and the paintbox which he uses to bring colour to his world too.

A life-affirming book from this award-winning artist.


"A delightful story for two- to five-year olds"
Lorna Bradbury - Daily Telegraph

"A lovely, gentle book with a feeling of discovery and joy."
The Bookseller

"A gentle, funny and touching story told in brilliant words and pictures."
Books for Keeps

"Among the many flavours of children's books, that of Emma Chichester Clark's - funny, elegant and delicious - is unique."
Quentin Blake