ISBN-13: 9781842703724

RRP: £6.99

Published: 6th October 2005

Length: 32 Pages

Mr Benn – Gladiator

Mr Benn always visits a costume shop, chooses a costume and goes through a special door. Then, as if by magic, he can travel to the era represented by the costume. This time he choosesa gladiator costume . . . and he is transported to Ancient Rome. But he has forgotten that gladiators fought one another. When the Emperor spots Mr Benn, he has him carried off to the arena. The worried gladiators there explain that they must fight, even though fighting is wrong. Will it be thumbs down for the alternative entertainment Mr Benn proposes?


"McKee’s brilliantly detailed pen and ink drawings in Gladiator use unusual perspective to give a kind of dreamlike feel whilst still containing lots of fascinating detail for kids that might be learning about Romans for the first time – and they’re funny too."

"Thumbs up for Mr Benn"
Jane Doonan - T.E.S.

"Great for those almost ready for novels, and everyone else!"
Primary Times

"A good first book for an early reader with excellent pictures."
Education Otherwise

"A fascinating book"
Child Education