ISBN-13: 9781839135194

RRP: £8.99

Published: 2nd January 2025

Length: 304 Pages

  • Paperback


'Deeply relatable' Nathanael Lessore
'Fresh, funny and full of heart' Lisa Williamson

Alfie thinks Maya might be the One, and he's desperate to tell her ... until she reveals she's got a new, cooler boyfriend. Crushed, Alfie starts hanging out with Maya's shy best friend Gwen – and develops feelings for her. But Gwen's hiding something, and Alfie's confused.
As Alfie looks for love within his friendship group, things get complicated – until Alfie makes a big mistake. Can he score with the girl of his dreams – or is he onto a losing streak?

A sweetly funny romance about a boy looking for love in all the wrong places.


"Deeply relatable. Very refreshing to see a romance set in the world I grew up in, with characters I grew up with. Teen boys should be flocking toward this"
Nathanael Lessore

"Fresh, funny and full of heart. Impossible not to fall for"
Lisa Williamson

"A fun, refreshing read. It feels really genuine and heartfelt, and the characters are so well done – just a joy to hang out with. And the dialogue is brilliant throughout. It makes the story feel so authentic and immersive"
Gavin Extence

"Romantic, touching and laugh-out-loud funny – Loverboy is a properly raucous and joyous teen comedy"
Tom Ellen

"Loverboy deftly captures the romantic chaos of teenage dating – readers' hearts will ache for Alfie and his friends"
James L. Sutter