ISBN-13: 9781842709771

RRP: £5.99

Published: 7th January 2010

Length: 224 Pages

  • Paperback


Aged seventeen, Lee is inside for a crime he has committed. And he soon finds out that prison is not the holiday camp he's heard about. Warned to 'play by the rules' he has to decide whose rules - the screws' or the other cons'.

Life in a Young Offenders Institution is about survival. But the real struggle is inside Lee himself. Is he destined to be a 'career con' or can he choose to change his life?


"This well-researched book is no easy ride as it illustrates the grim reality of prison life for young people."
Bookseller's choice, The Bookseller

"This is raw and powerful writing."

"The dilemmas Lee faces in this violent and uncertain environment make for a compelling read."
Books for Keeps

"This bleak and unsentimental book is well worth reading."

"It would be good to get copies inside the YOI's because I'm sure the lads will enjoy reading it."
Gemma Baranowski, Youth Offender Team Worker - Gemma Baranowski, Youth Offender Team Worker