ISBN-13: 9781849396950

RRP: £6.99

Published: 1st August 2013

Length: 432 Pages

Words: 114024 Words


'Love. Hate. So what? This is family. This is business.'

London is in ruins. The once-glorious city is now a gated wasteland cut off from the rest of the country and in the hands of two warring families – the Volsons and the Connors.

Val Volson offers the hand of his young daughter, Signy, to Connor as a truce. At first the marriage seems to have been blessed by the gods, but betrayal and deceit are never far away in this violent world, and the lives of both families are soon to be changed for ever . . .

'Shies from nothing, making it both cruel and magnificent' Guardian
'An epic tale of treachery, deceit, sex, torture, violence, revenge and retribution' Independent on Sunday
'Will rank along with the 20th-century classics' - Sunday Telegraph
Winner of the Lancashire Book Award


"An epic tale of treachery, deceit, sex, torture, violence, revenge and retribution."
Independent on Sunday

"Bloodtide and Bloodsong make The Hunger Games and its clones seem like drippy entertainments for bed-wetters and pillow-huggers."
Anthony McGowan, Guardian

"A scary but compelling view of a possible world to come."
Kids Out

"A story to curdle the blood and capture the imagination. . .(Burgess) has a fantastic imagination and draws out adolescent strong emotions very effectively."
Kit Spring - Observer

"As mythology collides with sci-fi, you're dragged into a world of treachery and double-dealing as savage and bloody as that in any gangland saga."
Daily Telegraph