ISBN-13: 9781839131530

RRP: £7.99

Published: 4th July 2024

Length: 32 Pages

A Bear Called Blue

The heartwarming tale of a lost bear who never gives up hope of finding his best friend Harriet - even after many years have passed - from award-winning author Frances Stickley.
Harriet never goes anywhere without her beloved bear Blue, so when they become separated he knows that Harriet must be searching for him. Blue might be lost, but he never loses hope. Days, months and years pass, until one day Blue finds himself on a stall at a summer fete. He catches sight of a little girl who looks just like Harriet... but it can’t be, wouldn’t she be grown up by now? And why does the little girl's mum look so familiar to him?
Adult and child alike will fall in love with Blue the bear in this story of the everlasting and pure love between a teddy bear and his little girl.


"A neatly circular story that captures that all-important and loving dynamic between a child and a toy. Readers will always treat their toys with more care after reading this!"