ISBN-13: 9781839132766

RRP: £7.99

Published: 1st August 2024

Length: 32 Pages

Giraffe and a Half

Giraffe and a Half believes her difference stops her from making friends, but can Bird and a Third help her to overcome her shyness?
Giraffe and a Half has six legs and three ears, which is brilliant for dancing and listening, but not so good for making friends. But one day, playing on her own, she meets Bird and a Third, who knows that sometimes, it’s our insecurities that hold us back the most. This delightful story will encourage children to embrace their differences.
Based on Nicola Kent's own experiences as a child with disabilities, and her belief that although ongoing health issues can bring many challenges to life, having lovely friends doesn’t need to be one of them.


"Perfectly reassuring"

"Touching... has a gently encouraging message about courage and friendship"
The Bookseller, One to Watch

"In her perfectly pitched words and pictures, Nicola Kent tells a beautiful story about being different and the importance of friends in helping you find yourself"