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40th Anniversary Edition of Angry Arthur Coming This Summer

29/04/2022 14:34:27

Picture book classic on handling emotions by Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi Kitamura re-issued for the first time by original publisher Andersen Press

Includes partnership with charity Action For Children who have provided resources on dealing with and responding to emotions with young children as part of their Parent Talk activity

Marking its 40th anniversary this summer, Andersen Press will re-issue seminal picture book, and the original anger management book for children Angry Arthur in August.

The book, written by Hiawyn Oram and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura is a classic, which sees Arthur’s tantrum get away from him and swallow up the whole world – something anyone with any experience of young children will recognise.

Arthur wants to stay up late and watch TV, and when his mum says no, Arthur gets very angry. His anger becomes a storm cloud, a hurricane, an earthquake that has shockwaves in space. What will help Arthur calm down?

Angry Arthur has many fans across the publishing industry, and has already touched the lives of many around the world in the 40 years since publication;

'Powerful... I’d like to have written or illustrated a book as perfect as Angry Arthur.' - Max Porter

‘The powerful economy of Hiawyn Oram's text is brilliantly interpreted by Satoshi Kitamura's mischievously detailed illustrations.’ – Guardian

‘Kitamura is one of the world’s most original and stylish children’s illustrators.’ - The Sunday Times

Following their successful collaboration on David McKee’s Not Now, Bernard in 2020 Andersen Press are once again working in partnership with Action for Children on notes and resources that help adults understand and respond to young children’s emotions when they perhaps spill over. The new edition contains notes in the back pages, and a link to further resources on the Action for Children website created by their Parent Talk parenting coaches for use with the book.

Andersen Press are also pledging to work with the charity on a further fundraising drive based on the campaign, to be announced in the summer.

Author Hiawyn Oram has said of the anniversary edition, ‘As my second book to be published, Angry Arthur is very dear to me and it's hard to believe that 40 years have whizzed by since Satoshi and I sent his anger-quake out into the world. I hope with this new edition we can reach a new generation with the story and, with the inclusion of Action for Children’s fantastic resources, can help today's parents with their own Angry Arthurs.’

Action for Children’s Parent Talk Coordinator, Jo Thurston, said: ‘The tale of Arthur feeling uncontrollably angry is all too common for some children today, especially as they grapple to see how they fit into an increasingly complex world. Our frontline staff support children navigating big issues including parental conflict, school pressures, family finances, climate change and the war in Ukraine – and the pandemic hangs heavy, with its impact being felt long into children’s futures.

Our parenting coaches are here to help parents all over the country who are struggling to support their children’s anger and behaviour, through practical advice on everything from sleep and relationships, to emotional wellbeing. We’re helping more families than ever before tackle the challenging issues they are facing. We want to make sure children like Arthur are supported in the best way possible and that every child grows up safe with the foundations they need to thrive.’

Paul Black, PR and Brand Director for Andersen Press adds, ‘Angry Arthur has been helping frustrated children and exasperated grown ups for 40 years, and with this campaign, working with the fantastic team at Action for Children, we hope to secure the books’ place for future generations.’

Angry Arthur: 40th Anniversary Edition written by Hiawyn Oram, illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura will be published August 2022, paperback, £7.99 ISBN: 9781842707746

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