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Bath Festival of Children’s Literature with Andersen Press Authors

27/09/2011 14:26:13

The Bath Festival of Children’s Literature is now in its fifth year and it’s better than ever! Not least because the cover artist this year is our very own David McKee!

On Saturday, 24th September, David regaled an audience of over 200 parents and kids with stories of his ‘friend’ Elmer and showed how he creates stories through illustration. Afterwards he embarked upon a 2-hour marathon signing for his adoring fans!
Mei Matsuoka and Peter Bently of The Great Dog Bottom Swap fame, also appeared at the festival, this time to promote their latest hilarious creation, The Great Sheep Shenanigans. Kids and parents alike were kept entertained with a pom-pom sheep-making workshop session and a fabulous interactive reading from the book.

To learn more about this festival, click here.

The stage of the Bath FestivalDavid McKee on stageDavid McKee's live illustrationsMore live illustrationsLive illustration of a dancing elephantThe very long signings queueChildren reading Andersen Press booksDavid McKee, relentlessly signing the booksDavid McKee signing for fans big and smallFans come many with toys, cuddly and other to take pictures and get their books signed by their favourite authorgroup reading and activities were organised for all ages presentThe process of making sheep pompomsAnd voila a fully finished gorgeous sheep pompom!