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Books for Keeps Reviews Andersen Titles

10/10/2011 13:37:48

Books for Keeps reviewed three of Andersen's fiction books and loved one of our picturebooks so much, they made a whole feature about it!

Cover of Black CobraAccording to their reviews, Operation Black Cobra by Ilkka Remes 'is compulsive, quick reading and will definitely give thrill-seeking teen readers value for their money' (read the full review).




Cover of OutlawOutlaw, by Stephen Davies, was thought to be 'a slickly paced sequence of dramatic incidents characterised by numerous twist, turns and unexpected revelations' (read the full review).




cover of the snow merchantSam Gayton's The Snow Merchant was found to be 'exhilirating, entertaining and original, bursting with ideas' (read the full review)





The day louis got eaten cover

And finally, the Books for Keeps team are huge fans of John Fardell and so have run an exclusive feature on him this month. Find out more about this exceptionally talented man and his latest book, The Day Louis Got Eaten, here.