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Hiawyn Oram
Hiawyn Oram

Hiawyn Oram was brought up in South Africa. She was a professional actor before coming to England, where she has worked as an advertising copywriter and has had numerous books published.


Satoshi Kitamura
Satoshi Kitamura

Satoshi Kitamura was born in Tokyo and worked in advertising there before moving to London in 1980. He won the Mother Goose Award for Angry Arthur and he is now one of the most distinguished illustrators in Britain.

Angry Arthur

(eBook) - 04/12/2011


Angry Arthur RRP £6.99


Winner of the Mother Goose Award and the original anger management book.
'Powerdful... I’d like to have written or illustrated a book as perfect as Angry Arthur.' Max Porter, GUARDIAN
‘Kitamura is one of the world’s
most original and stylish children’s illustrators.’ SUNDAY TIMES
Arthur wants to stay up late and watch TV, and when his mum says no, Arthur gets very angry. His anger becomes a storm cloud, a hurricane, an earthquake that has shockwaves in space. What will help Arthur calm down?
The original anger management book, Angry Arthur has been helping frustrated children and exasperated parents for almost 40 years!