ISBN-13: 9781842702840

RRP: £7.99

Published: 29th May 2003

Length: 28 Pages

  • Paperback

Centipede's 100 Shoes

When a centipede trips over, and hurts his foot, the only thing for him to do is obtain a set of shoes for all of his feet . . . That is a lot of shoes! Now it could take him longer to get dressed than to do anything else. So, after a rethink, he shares his shoes amongst various neighbours: beetles, spiders, earwigs and other creatures. Count up the number of feet, and find out whether he manages to get rid of all his shoes! (Do you think he started with 100 in the beginning?)


"Perfect for numeracy hour."
Five to Seven Magazine

"A deliciously silly story, with plenty of visual jokes."
Financial Times

"Puts fun into addition and subtraction."
Five to Seven

"absolutely charming book with fabulous illustrations by Tony Ross"
Helen Bromley - eye