ISBN-13: 9781849395281

RRP: £5.99

Published: 2nd January 2014

Length: 80 Pages

Words: 2522 Words

  • Paperback

Choosing Crumble

When Terri-Lee goes to the pet-shop she thinks she’ll be choosing a dog – she doesn’t expect the dog to be choosing her! But Crumble is no ordinary pet and he’s got a few questions to ask:
How many walks will you take me on?
Do you like to dance?
Will you tickle me? I like that a lot.

Will Terri-Lee’s dance moves and answers be enough to convince Crumble that she could be his owner?


"Rosen's hilarious text sits perfectly here with Ross's scratchy style in this cracking little book that joins two superstars of children's literature… A perfect example of how even an early reader book could become a family favourite"
Katie Clapham, Storytellers Inc. - Guardian

"Perfect tone for young readers, and a good read-aloud title too"
Editor's Choice, The Bookseller

"Book of the Month"

"Funny and appealing . . . A refreshing alternative to the reading scheme books that so many children encounter"
The Bookbag

"Perfect for newly independent readers"
The School Librarian