ISBN-13: 9781787612228

RRP: £5.82

Published: 7th October 2021


Brandon is a boaster – he says he is brilliant at lots of things. Then he is challenged to count up to ten million. So Brandon starts: one, two, three . . . and before long he is up to one thousand. Everyone around him is bewildered and annoyed: his friend Waris, his teachers and Miss Hexx, the head. But Brandon can’t stop counting. And the higher he counts, the more everyone takes an interest, when Brandon reaches 30,000 he goes viral, by the time he gets to one million, he has a manager and a stadium full of fans counting with him. And then strange, impossible things start happening. The numbers are taking over everything . . .

A fun and contemporary story about rise and fall of celebrity, and ultimately staying true to yourself.


"leaves you wanting to find live readers to share it with... to enjoy what they make of the anarchic wit, skill and comic invention"
Books for Keeps

"A funny, engaging story about the pitfalls of celebrity and the importance of staying true to yourself"
Imogen Russell-Williams - Metro, Best Children's Books 2021

"Award-winning author Melvin Burgess creates a vivid adventure out of an absurd situation and pokes gentle fun at all kinds of rules as he does so"
Julia Eccleshare - LoveReading4Kids