ISBN-13: 9781787612587

RRP: £7.49

Published: 1st June 2023


'These boys and their love story filled up my heart - I couldn't stop reading' Amie Kaufman

David used to be in a band with his best friends Chance and Eli. Now the band, Darkhearts, is super famous, with a legion of fans - and David's out of the band and back in high school, brooding over everything he lost out on.
Then tragedy throws David and Chance back together. Chance is everything David is not: a swaggeringly drop-dead gorgeous rock god. And yet spending more time alone with Chance, David has to admit he actually misses being with his old friend - and maybe he feels something more. Can you mix music with love?

An enemies-to-lovers gay romance, perfect for fans of Simon James Green, Heartstopper and Adam Silvera


"A messy, joyful story about what happens when rockstars meet reality, and about finding the part of yourself that makes you whole. These boys and their love story filled up my heart - I couldn't stop reading, and I didn't want to"
Amie Kaufman

"Cute and true-to-life complicated, Darkhearts is a hands-down heart-stirrer for fans of Phil Stamper, Simon James Green, and YA romance"

"A tender-hearted LGBTQ+ romance about music, fame and second chances"

"Sparkles with laugh-out-loud dialogue ... A funny romp with a lot of heart"

"Sutter does an excellent job of building both character and compelling plot, turning his novel into more than a simple summer romance as he brings David and Chance to vivid life"
starred review - Booklist