ISBN-13: 9781787612211

RRP: £5.82

Published: 7th October 2021

Dogs: Understanding Your Very Best Friend

Learn about the secret life of dogs from pet expert Dr John Bradshaw.

Join Rusty the terrier as he goes about his day with his family. Discover how Rusty sees and mostly smells the world around him. Rusty uses his amazing nose to recognise his friends – human and dog! – it tells him where to find something tasty to eat and how to get back to his owner.

Find out how Rusty’s family make him feel loved and safe, when he meets new people and other dogs, or is left at home alone.

After a day with Rusty, you’ll know exactly how to be your dog’s best friend.


"Fascinating and amusing... interesting and important to know. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends at school and to other children of my age"
Dee, aged 9 - The UFAW Journal - Animal Welfare

"Fascinating... After you’ve read the book, you’ll know so much about the best ways to keep your dog happy and why they behave the way they do"
Andrea Reece - LoveReading4Kids