ISBN-13: 9781849399517

RRP: £6.66

Published: 30th November 2013

Length: 32 Pages

Elmer's Special Day

It's almost Elmer's Day again and the elephants have begun their preparations. But in all the excitement they are making an awful lot of noise and upsetting the other animals. Elmer changes the rules, and invites every single animal to join in the parade, but they have a surprise in store for Elmer...


"A special Elmer book, brilliantly bright and decorative. Great for growing reading prediction and confidence."
Gill Roberts - Carousel

"A deserved favourite with the 2-5s."
The Sunday Times

"Every child should get to know Elmer the patchwork elephant."
Riveting Reads SLA 3-6

"Books featuring Elmer and his friends are universally acknowledged as essential for the nursery."
Julia Eccleshare –

"This book is a wonderful celebration not just of the fun that can be had when everyone "all
joins in" but also of Elmer's 20th birthday."