ISBN-13: 9781448187430

RRP: £6.99

Published: 6th February 2014

Length: 256 Pages

Look After Me

'But we don't know the first thing about looking after babies.'

Phoebe's mum and dad are foster parents, and they're having a tough time. Her dad's moved out for bit, and her little foster brothers are playing up. So when Phoebe and her brother Adam find a baby abandoned in their den, they decide to try and look after her themselves . . .


"A delightful and moving story"
Clare Maltby - Booksellers' Choice, The Bookseller

"A unanimous hit"
Urmston Bookshop, Books for Keeps

"A believable insight into what it must be like to have parents who provide a home for vulnerable and demanding children who are not their own. I applaud the way she does this"
The School Librarian

"Enormously engaging, funny, and thought-provoking. . . A compulsive read celebrating the rich variety of family life."

"Moving story will appeal to all thoughtful readers. A striking first novel!"