ISBN-13: 9781787612372

RRP: £6.66

Published: 5th May 2022

Maddy Yip's Guide to Holidays

Another side-splitting story packed with hilarious illustrations from Sue Cheung, winner of the Diverse Book Award.

The Easter holidays are about to get a lot more exciting! Maddy and her best friend Dev have lucked out and are heading to the seaside where the brand new roller coaster, the Mega Beast, is about to open. This will literally be life-changing! One problem: Maddy has to bring her annoying little brother Oli and her cheeky grandad Agung along for the weekend. With seaside hazards such as terrifying seagulls, stinky pickled eggs and a giant candyfloss-mad dog to deal with, will Maddy ever get to loop-the-loop on the best ride ever?


"Another laugh-out-loud excursion into the madcap world of Maddy Yip"