ISBN-13: 9781787612273

RRP: £6.66

Published: 6th January 2022

Me, In Between

Madina’s family have fled war to seek asylum in Europe and begin a hopeful new life. An ordinary world of fitting in at school, learning the language and forging friendships lies before Madina. Yet she finds herself caught between her new life and her traumatic memories of the past. With the endless wait to be granted asylum, and her anxious father growing ever more controlling, can Madina find the path that’s right for her?

Translated by Claire Storey


"a book that rings with authenticity, with an engaging story that resists stereotyping or over-simplification. This well-crafted novel is a serious contender for one of the best books of this new year"
Claire Hennessy - The Irish Times

"The impact of war and personal trauma makes it all the harder for a young refugee to settle into a new life and Julya captures all this hauntingly and sensitively... The author holds just enough back to keep the reader wanting to know more"
Jewish News

"a powerful and moving story of the very many complex emotions and situations"
Julia Eccleshare - LoveReading

"A deeply moving and observant novel ... Julya Rabinowich’s story, eloquently translated by Claire Storey, sharply contrasts the two worlds that Madina inhabits and the conflict it brings her"
Outside In World, Book of the Month, June 2023

"Spare and powerful, Julya Rabinowich writes a refugee story about arriving - with an antiwar message. Not only is the simple yet powerful language remarkable, Rabinowich also writes convincingly complex and ambivalent characters"
Die Zeit