ISBN-13: 9781448187935

RRP: £6.99

Published: 2nd July 2015

Length: 32 Pages

Melric the Magician Who Lost His Magic

When Melric, the king's magician, mysteriously loses his magic, he sets out on a quest to return it. But with the kingdom under attack, will Melric get his magic back in time to protect it?


"A wonderfully involving tale... (Children) will love the story of Melric, resplendent in his red and gold starry gown but suffering from magician's block."
Kate Kellaway - Observer

"Packed with detail... Another success for McKee!"
The School Librarian

"David McKee is a genius."
The Times

"A strong story with a very good moral"

"A gem of a story. There's also a gentle underlying message about the value of being independent."
Armadillo Magazine