ISBN-13: 9781448188147

RRP: £6.99

Published: 30th June 2015

Length: 32 Pages

Rita's Rhino

When Rita’s mum refuses to get her a pet, Rita goes to the zoo and soon returns with a rhinoceros in tow . . . But keeping a pet rhino a secret in a small flat and taking care of him, prove to be much trickier than she ever imagined!


"Ross is the master of childish fantasy and this is riotous from start to finish."
Daily Mail Christmas Books

"Ross is one of our best-loved comic illustrators."
The Times

"Brilliant... colourful and witty. Ideal book to entertain kids with."

"Gentle, satisfying and, of course, funny."
Kirkus Reviews

"Ideal for reading aloud, superbly told and illustrated this book will be loved by children."