ISBN-13: 9781787612358

RRP: £6.66

Published: 5th May 2022

The Colour of Hope

Waterstones Scottish Children’s Book of the Month

Years ago, the Emperor used dark magic to steal all the colour from the world. Now he keeps it for himself, enjoying its life-giving power while everyone else must exist in cold shades of grey. That is, until a miracle baby is born – everything she touches turns to colour. But the child’s life is in danger from her very first breath. Soon the Emperor’s murderous Ripper Dogs and Black Coats come hunting. Can the girl and her adopted father survive in the forest – and what will it take to return colour and hope to the world?


"Pure brilliance… A dazzling spectrum of non-stop thrills"
Piers Torday

"It’s as magical as it is original; infused with a glittering rainbow of strange enchantments, colourful characters, and brave hearts"
Thomas Taylor

"A tour de force! It’s an adventure which is as warm-hearted as it is exciting, and as imaginative as it is full of meaning"
Julia Eccleshare - LoveReading

"The magical elements of the story are dramatic and exciting but questions are also asked about how it feels to be different or excluded and how we react to people who are unlike ourselves... Tense, thrilling and thought-provoking"