ISBN-13: 9781783446728

RRP: £5.99

Published: 3rd May 2018

Length: 128 Pages

The Little Book of Football Jokes

What did the ref say to the chicken who tripped a defender?

Why was the footballer upset on his birthday?
He got a red card!

These and many more howlers to make you laugh no matter how your team is doing!


"Perfect rib-tickler of a mini book to keep the jokes flowing as fast as the passes"
WRD Magazine

"Featuring a whole host of football funnies and goalie gags, this collection of soccer silliness is a must for any young fan of the beautiful game."

"Delve into this delightful collection for jokes, loony limericks and cheeky football chants"

"There are plenty of giggles, making it worth checking out for football fans counting down the seconds to the World Cup"
The BookBag