ISBN-13: 9781842705827

RRP: £5.99

Published: 7th September 2006

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

The Little Reindeer

The smallest reindeer is exploring Santa's workshop when he accidentally falls into the giftwrapping machine, and finds himself being delivered as a present! The little boy who receives him is overjoyed and cares for him with devotion. One day he discovers that his reindeer is special - he can fly! When Christmas comes round again, the little reindeer disappears, but in his bed of straw the boy finds a thank you note...from Santa Claus.

The Little Reindeer is an original and enchanting story, full of warmth and illustrated in glowing watercolours. In this new Christmas story, Michael Foreman has returned to the exciting New York scenes of Cat and Canary.


"An unusual story with atmospheric illustrations."
THE TIMES, Top Five Best Christmas books for children.

"Gorgeous . . . A captivating story to share."
Daily Telegraph

"Pure magic"
Irish Times

Financial Times

"A warm and very special story."
Books for Keeps