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Tony Ross
Tony Ross

Tony Ross has been illustrating books for over 40 years, and has been published all over the world. He is perhaps best known for his much-loved Little Princess series, which has been adapted for TV and is currently showing on Channel 5s Milkshake, and for his collaboration on David Walliams’ best-selling children’s books. Tony’s books have been shortlisted for the The Laugh Out Loud Book Awards (Slug Needs a Hug) and the Kate Greenaway (Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Tiggers), and Tadpole’s Promise won the Silver Medal Smarties Prize. He has been named as the best-selling illustrator in the UK for three years in a row, and he is the UK’s libraries' most-borrowed illustrator. He lives in Macclesfield.

The Three Sillies

(Paperback) - 03/11/2011


The Three Sillies RRP £5.99


Once upon a time, George, a handsome but sensible boy, falls in love with Jess, a pretty but silly girl. After meeting Jess's silly family, George wonders if marrying her is a sensible thing to do after all . . .

  • Paperback
  • Published: 03/11/2011
  • ISBN: 9781849392297
  • Other Editions: eBook
  • Age Range: 0+ years