ISBN-13: 9781448188321

RRP: £11.99

Published: 3rd March 2016

Length: 32 Pages


Tufty the duckling lives with his family on an island in the middle of a lake. But when the ducks fly south for the winter, Tufty gets left behind. Lost and alone, Tufty doesn’t know what to do, until he finds an unlikely new friend…

Join this brave little duck as he finds a new home in an unexpected place, in a new book from acclaimed children’s author, Michael Foreman.


"A book to treasure"

"A satisfying story with the feel of a classic, well told and beautifully illustrated."

"Michael Foreman... fills this little story with drama and heart."
Andrea Reece - Lovereading4Kids

"This is going to become a staple in the storytelling shelves of many libraries and schools."
Margaret Pemberton - The School Librarian

"The social commentary in Foreman's works can not be underestimated, and this is another fine example."
Library Mice