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Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho’s New Poetry Collection

06/10/2022 16:11:28

Andersen Press are thrilled to publish Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss, a brand new poetry collection for babies and young children from Waterstones Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Nicola Killen.

Cover image of Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss

‘The idea behind Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss was to create a series of modern baby action poems. As much as I’m a fan of ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses ’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, I wanted to create rhymes and ditties that kids could relate to now. So, in Blow A Kiss, Catch A Kiss there are poems about car journeys and using screens and riding in lifts and the sights of the city and going around the shops. Everyday things that everyday kids do’ - Joseph Coelho

From Eye Caterpillars to The Journey Game, and from Dancing Families to Dreamtime, this collection of fun and heart-warming rhymes and action poems from award-winning children’s poet Joseph Coelho are perfect for sharing everyday feelings and experiences.

Image from Blow a Kiss, Catch a Kiss