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Edinburgh Festival

02/09/2011 18:03:00

A host of Andersen authors and illustrators did a fantastic job at the Edinburgh Festival over the last few weeks, wowing audiences with their fantastic books, offering pearls of wisdom to young (and old!) readers and, in the case of John Fardell, demonstrating astonishing attention to detail with mechanical 3-D objects that had inspired his latest book, The Day Louis Got Eaten.

Below are a few photos from the festival, at which John Fardell, Philip Caveney, Jason Wallace, Derek Keilty, Ali Lewis, Chris Judge, Lynne Chapman, Mei Matsuoka and Peter Bentley all made appearances.

You can also find out what the Bookwitch has to say abou it on her blog.


Jason Wallace

Jason Wallace signs copies of OUT OF SHADOWS

(Who says boys don't read?)


John Fardell with Claire Armistead   John Fardell

John Fardell shares THE DAY LOUIS GOT EATEN with Claire Armitstead

Philip Caveney  
Philip Caveney reading from NIGHT ON TERROR ISLAND

Jason Wallace & Morris Gleitzman 
Jason Wallace & Morris Gleitzman

Nikki Gamble, Elizabeth Laird, Jason Wallace 
Nikki Gamble, Elizabeth Laird and Jason Wallace