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Elmer app is one of Babble’s best iPhone apps 2011!

24/06/2011 10:34:31

The Elmer app has been recommended as one of the 50 best iPhone apps by the parenting website Babble!

The first Elmer app, based on Elmer's Special day, has been chosen as one of Babble's 50 Best iPhone and iPad Apps  for Kids! Babble, a modern parenting website with 5 million monthly readers, said the Elmer app 'transforms the iPhone or iPad into an awesome mobile gaming and educational center to keep kids happy and entertained –– whether a family's stuck in traffic or a long line at the store. We're thrilled to have chosen the Elmer's Special Day app out of all others on the market.'

From the Babble website:

'Adapted from the David McKee picture book of the same name, Elmer's Special Day tells the tale of a group of elephants who are preparing to march in a parade. Unfortunately, the puckish pachyderms are making such a ruckus that they're disturbing the other animals, so it's up to Elmer to restore order -- and ultimately be rewarded for his efforts. The app follows McKee's original story to the letter, and the bright and engaging colour as well as the well-done narration and sound effects add to the enjoyment. As with many preschooler e-book apps, you can opt either for "Read to Me" mode or choose "Read it Myself", and you can also tap words to hear them spoken aloud or interact with pictures to make them move and hear their names.'