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Julian Clary Goes LIVE Every Day for ‘The Bold Hour’

30/06/2020 10:35:56

Andersen Press are marking publication of The Bolds Go Wild written by Julian Clary and illustrated by David Roberts with a series of online-exclusive readings from Julian Clary, known as The Bold Hour!

Every day from 6th July Julian Clary will read an excerpt from the book online, giving fans a chance to see him read the first 75 pages of the book over 5 days. The videos will be free to all to view on the series’ website, and across all social media platforms.

In The Bolds Go Wild the family of Hyenas disguised as humans in suburban Teddington are very surprised to be visited by Fred's mother, Granny Imamu. She's travelled all the way from the Serengeti, and now she's here, she does not approve of what she finds. Hyenas, living as people - whatever next! Granny Imamu starts to stir up mischief with twins Bobby and Betty, encouraging them to get in touch with their beastly side at school.

And then the twins' teacher comes to the Bolds with a rather unusual problem: her grown-up son Jeffrey just isn't like other people. He's rather hairy, doesn't much like to talk, and loves to monkey about. If animals can become people, could it happen the other way around…?

The launch of the new paperback format promises to mark a WILD summer for The Bolds, with Julian Clary scheduled to beam into living rooms with national TV and radio appearances, plus Author and Illustrator of the week on National Literacy Trust Family Zone and further online appearances from Julian Clary and David Roberts – you won’t be able to move for talk of The Bolds this summer!

A sixth book in The Bolds series is in the works, scheduled for release in summer 2021.

You can see The Bold Hour, every day from 6th July at 4pm:

The Bolds Go Wild written by Julian Clary and illustrated by David Roberts is available in paperback from 2nd July 2020, ebook and audio formats.

For more information please contact Paul Black, PR Director at Andersen Press: T. 0207 840 8710